Congratulations! You’re getting married!

Let’s be honest. If you’re like most brides and grooms you want to look amazing for your wedding, and you know what? You deserve it! All the planning is stressful and you deserve to start this new chapter of your like looking and feeling the best, you ever have.

The problem is, there’s a lot of confusing information about what really works and why. At Wedding (Bar)Bells we want to arm you with the truth so you can focus on what will get you lasting results – FOR REAL. We try to cover as many topics as we can through our articles and social media. If you can’t find an answer to your problem contact us and we’ll work on a solution for you.

The main philosophy behind everything we do is to TRAIN WITH PURPOSE. Before we create your training and nutrition plan or especially before we make any changes we ask ourselves how will this help our client achieve their physique goals.This leaves you with a no fluff plan for you to become a bad ass who looks and feels their best.

We promise:

No crash diets

No time-wasting exercises (100 rep bodyweight squats anyone?)

Simple and effective diet and exercise programs backed by exercise science.


 Apply now for coaching so once the day arrives you can focus on friends, family, your partner, and the magic of the day